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The first version of MetaModelAgent was developed for Rational Rose around year 2000. MetaModelAgent was after that completely redesigned and reimplemented for the Eclipse-platform using the EMF and UML2 frameworks.

The first version of MetaModelAgent for the IBM Rational Software Architect family of modeling tools was released in 2008 and the first version for open-source Eclipse Papyrus was released in 2013.

MetaModelAgent has been continually extended with more and more features and is currently a modeling tool extension for UML-based domain-specific modeling as well as for standard UML and UML-RT modeling.

MetaModelAgent is certified as "Ready for IBM Rational Software".


MetaModelAgent can be downloaded and installed upon an existing supported Eclipse-bassed modeling tool using the public update site metamodelagent.com/update, see get started for more information.

Single Limited FREE and EVALUATION Licenses can be requested, and subscription licenses can be purchased, after the tool has been installed.

Server-based licenses can be ordered direcly using the form at Adocus website.


MetaModelAgent is developed and provided by Adocus AB, a company specialized in modeling tools and professional services within business and software modeling and architecture.


Phone:+46(0)8 35 42 30
Visit:Adocus AB
Drottninggatan 86
SE-111 36 Stockholm, Sweden