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MetaModelAgent v4.6.0

(Released Jan 2022)
  • License Management
    • FREE license mode does no longer require a license key
  • UI Common
    • Improved support for Eclipse Dark Theme, except in Summary View, Guidance View and wizard’s guidance tray.
  • Property Table View
    • Support for listing all accessible features of a classifier with respect to inheritance.
    • Support for listing classifiers not visible in any diagram.
    • Support for listing metaclass instantiation overview.
  • Property Table View
    • Support for displaying accessible properties (attributes and association ends), with respect to inheritance and abstract classifiers, using a customizable filter.
    • Support for displaying element occurrences in diagrams.
    • Support for displaying distant relationships, e.g., packaged owned relationships positioned away from their source element.
    • Support for displaying stereotype applications overview.
    • New behavior details filter to hide action pins, state entry/exit points and interaction lifelines.
  • Trace Tree View
    • New display option to merge all references targeting the same element which will lead to a more compact tree.
  • Metamodeling
    • Papyrus only: Support for the MetaModelAgent architecture context used by metamodels is discontinued. Metamodels should be based on the UML architecture context.
    • Experimental feature: API for adding custom semantics of port directions.
    • Experimental feature: Support for defining optional stereotypes as element qualifiers.
    • Experimental feature: Exclusion of inherited property definitions in sub-metaclasses.

MetaModelAgent v4.5.2

(Released May 2021)
  • UI Common
    • Several user interface issues fixed on MacOS and Linux platforms.
    • Improved UI when platform UI default font size is changed or scaled.
    • All actions in a view’s toolbar have been made available in the view´s pull-down menu also, to conform to Eclipse user-interface guidelines.
    • Improved font handling if OS default font is resized or scaled.
  • Wizards
    • Tree layout organization of available alternatives in Guided Wizards.
  • Property View
    • Adjusted display of non-editable fields.
    • Non-recommended property values allowed.
    • Monospace fonts for property values which may contain source code.
  • Property Table View
    • View initiation can be based on a custom selection of metaclasses and unknown element types where also a union of all properties can be displayed. A complete model can then be displayed in one single table!
  • Trace Matrix View
    • View initiation based on custom selection of metaclasses and unknown element types representing relations/references, source and targets.
    • Filter added for filtering sources, target, relatins/references based on metaclass.
    • Improved display of long target names by providing resizable and scrollable target labels area.
    • Option to include cell details in CSV-export.
    • Support for new kind of behavior element references such as Interaction Uses, Call Behavior Actions, Lifelines etc.
  • Guidance View
    • Basic information about MMA views and other relevant workbench views available upon selection.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Open & Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.5.1

(Released January 2021)
  • Property Table View
    • Support for navigable associations and connectors.
  • Trace Matrix View
    • Supports for navigable associations and connectors.
    • New Referenced Classifier filter for behavior details.
    • New Specializations filter for matrixes displaying properties (attributes or ports) and associations.
    • Refined alternatives for displaying interconnections between selected elements.
  • Web publish
    • Refining elements can optionally be listed as nested to refined elements.
  • Metamodeling
    • Support for Stylesheet property for models. [Papyrus only].
  • Others
    • Support for Papyrus 5.0 (Eclipse 2020-12) added.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Open & Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.5.0

(Released September 2020)
  • UI Views
    • Brand new unique read-only web-based Summary View with comprehensive information of selected elements.
    • New popup-dialog in Activation View to activate already open models.
    • Extended and redesigned quick-fixes in Problem View.
    • Improved labels and tooltips in Problem View.
    • Trace Matrix View can be initated from a diagram to show all visible and invisible connections between the visible nodes in the diagram.
    • Additional predefined selections in Trace Matrix View;
    • New Circular filter in Matrix View.
    • Chart View can be initiated from Trace Matrix View.
    • Support for incomplete activity flows in Trace Matrix View and Trace Tree View.
    • Metaclass filter provided when initiating a related element scatter chart in the Chart View from the context menu in the Property Table View.
  • Web publish
    • New target folder structure for generated files.
    • Improved labels for elements with significant element references.
    • Adjusted tooltips to minimize memory footprint in published files.
  • Metamodeling
    • New Metamodel templates added based on built in General UML Guidelines and General UML-RT guidelines (available in RSA RTE and HCL RTist only) are available when creating a new model.
    • Support for enforced nested elements.
    • Support for metaclass attributes representing redefined properties.
    • Simplified entering of explanation of valid property values.
  • Others
    • Improved property editing dialogs with expandable/collapsible guidance trays.
    • Icons added or modified for some MMA context submenus.
    • Diagram layout operations does no longer enforce model revalidation.
    • Extended API with improved documentation.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Open & Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.4.1

(Released January 2020)
  • Improved performance when activating a model using built-in metamodels for standard UML and UML-RT.
  • Unloaded nested submodels, nor unloaded referenced elements are no longer reported as violations as long as their UML metaclass conforms to the expected metaclass´ UML metaclass.
  • Tooltips on properties representing valid URLs displays hyperlinks for each URL. This makes it simple to navigate to the URL using the default web browser.
  • Tooltips for property values representing unloaded elements displays the file path to the model file containing the unloaded element.
  • Integer property values are correctly sorted in web publish search result.
  • Trace Tree View can be used directly for behavioral analysis, without having to populate the Trace Matrix View as an initial step.
  • Property Table View improvements:
    • Related Element Bar Chart context menu provides a separate menu entry for each relation metaclass. Making it possible to filter the Bar chart bases on relation metaclass.
    • Columns displaying integer properties are right-adjusted.
    • Editing of multi-valued properties supported.
  • API added for prohibiting MetaModelAgent to react on model modification from a user-defined plugin.
  • API extended for making it possible to register metamodels in the workspace applicable for a specific kind of models.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Open & Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.4.0

(Released September 2019)
  • Official support for HCL RealTime Software Tooling (HCL RTist).
  • Built-in UML-RT metamodel for raltime modeling. [RSARTE & HCL RTist only]
  • Static analysis of UML-RT State Machines and Capsule communication with semantic awareness in Trace Matrix View. [RSARTE & HCL RTist only]
  • Static analysis of protocol usage in Trace Matrix View. [RSARTE & HCL RTist only]
  • Static analysis of standard UML State Machines and Activity Flows with semantic awareness in Trace Matrix View.
  • Support for analysis of implicit derived relations and transitive relationship chains in Trace Matrix View.
  • Support for populating Trace Tree View using several pre-defined queries.
  • Cancable progress meters added to all potential long running analysis calculations.
  • Built-in library models can optionally be activated during loading.
  • Redesigned wizards with expandable/collapsable guidance section.
  • Improved layout of Guidance View when embedded web browser is unavailable.
  • Multi-selection supported in Explorer View and in Activation View to simplify multi-model publishing and analysis.
  • Improved customized tooltips when hovering over elements and other items in all MMA-specific views and wizards.
  • Support for selecting preferred sort order in web publish output.
  • Improved layout of web published source code using monospaced font.
  • Overlapping GUIDs, that may lead to incorrect web publish result, are detected during web publishing.
  • Activation View is automatically filtered on the currently active editing domain. [Papyrus only]
  • The previous user manual has been split into three separate user manuals, focusing on modeling, model analysis and license management.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Open & Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.3.1

(Released August 2018)
  • Support for Papyrus 4.0 (Photon).
  • Support for nested models which can be activated using their own separate metamodels.
  • Improved behavior of MetaModelAgent diagram tool palette and support for state machine diagrams and activity diagrams.
  • Extended options for populating the Trace Matrix View.
  • Support for transitions, object flows and control flows and CSV-export capabilities in Trace Matrix View.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Open & Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.3.0

(Released January 2018)
  • Brand new Trace Tree View for analyzing relationship chains within and between models.
  • Brand new Chart View for analyzing model information in bar charts and scatter charts.
  • Bulk editing capabilities of properties within the Property Table View.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Open & Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.2.2

(Released October 2017)
  • Support for Papyrus 3.x (Oxygen).
  • Support for Papyrus RT 1.0 (Oxygen).
  • Web published model reports now also provides clickable hyperlinks in diagrams for relationships and not only elements.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, see Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.2.1

(Released June 2017)
    No significant new feature. v4.2.1 is a pure bug-fix release, see Resolved bugs for details.

MetaModelAgent v4.2.0

(Released Februari 2017)
  • Support for multi-selection. Several models can be activated and published in a single operation.
    This make it easy to work in a multi-model environment.
  • [Papyrus only] Rich-text documentation support. Rich-text editors are available in MMA wizards and views for editing element documentation, e.g. nested comments.
    MetaModelAgent acts compliant to the Papyrus rich-text preference setting.
  • [Papyrus only] Support for customized diagrams. Support for validating and adding diagrams that have been customized by using the Papyrus DSML extension mechanism.
    This will make MetaModelAgent useful even if you have your own extended diagrams.
  • Support for additional interaction elements. The following interaction elements are now fully supported: Gate, Interaction Use, Combined Fragment.
    This will make it possible to set up and validate very detailed and precise rules around your interaction modeling.
  • Extensive item guidelines in the MMA Guidance View. The same kind of extensive easy-to-read guidelines that are available when publishing guidelines are now available in the Guidance View as well.
  • Totally redesigned and improved MMA Model Publisher. New modern design and a lot of new cross-reference capabilities as well as new search facilities.
    The web publishing feature will make it possible for anyone to view and analyze your models in a very user-friendly layout.

MetaModelAgent v4.1.4

(Released September 2016)
  • Support for Papyrus 2.0 (Neon release).
  • Refined problem labels in MMA Problem View and refined explanations in MMA Guidance View.
  • [Papyrus only] Support for nested profiles.
  • Opportunity to search through closed files in workspace for metamodels to use and profiles to apply when creating a new model or connecting an existing model to a metamodel.
  • Improved design of web published output and more preference settings for controlling the content and layout of the output.

MetaModelAgent v4.1.3

(Released March 2016)
  • MetaModelAgent is from now on available with a various set of licenses and feature levels.
  • Extended functionality in the MMA Traceability Matrix View makes it possible to easy analyze invisible and invalid relationships.
  • Extended context menu in MMA Problem View with entries for navigation to the subject element of the problem.
  • Redesigned layout of diagrams in MMA Model Publish output. Diagrams are always laid out without downscaling and a horizontal tool bar appears when needed.
  • [Papyrus only] MMA Problem View is now linked to active editor. That means that the content of the MMA Problem View is automatically filtered to only display problems related to the current active editor.
  • Due to incorrect behavior when editing element documentation in previous versions of MetaModelAgent, a utility function has been added that corrects any model edited with older versions.
  • [RSA only] A new MMA preference setting has been added for optimized performance when not using real-time modeling.

MetaModelAgent v4.1.2

(Released Augusti 2015)
  • Support for adding associations using the context menu in the diagram editor by selecting the two elements to be associated. A single wizard page for the association and its association ends will be used.
  • Single property view for association and its association ends when selecting an association in the explorer view or in the diagram editor.
  • Improved headless validation and API-based validation. Standardized CSV-format and extended validation result.
  • [Papyrus only] Support for SysML-specific diagrams. However no general SysML guidelines are yet provided.
  • Improved behavior of the MetaModelAgent's addition to the diagram palette. The palette is added to already open diagrams when activating the model. The palette also provides tools for elements not valid within the diagram's parent.
  • [Papyrus only] Support for diagram documentation property.

MetaModelAgent v4.1.1

(Released April 2015)
  • A change of validation algorithm from deep-first to breadth-first. If the metamodel has ambiguities, this may reveal new problems or hide problems in comparison with previous versions
  • Clicking on a problem icon in the MMA Property View brings up the corresponding problem in the MMA Guidance View.
  • Change of default search scope and behavior in item selection dialog. Imported Element are now included in the search scope.
  • Visibility Kind property is supported for Package Import and Element Import when using the built-in General UML Guidelines.
  • Weight property is supported for Control Flow and Object Flow when using the built-in General UML Guidelines.
  • Page buttons in the MMA Trace Matrix View have been rearranged to better handle a large set of pages.
  • Improved overall performance when populating the MMA Trace Matrix View and the MMA Property Table View.
  • Moving several elements using drag-and-drop no longer results in a cascade of confirmation popup windows when having the change agent activated.
  • A separate metamodel validation feature for validating metamodels has been added.
  • [RSA only] Shortcuts are no longer included in activation scope. When activating MetaModelAgent for a model, models referenced by a shortcut are not being activated.